Master the art of letting go,
lead with unshakable confidence ...

I inspire the C-suite and Boardroom towards undisputed leadership, with just OneKPI.

Cultivate a Massive Transformative Purpose to realise your full potential by exploring exponential growth opportunities in an abundant world.

Think Different, Think Big, Think Simple! OneKPI is all you need ...

by Michael Kwaaitaal

With more balls than most, Michael delivers the Extreme Leadership Experience from Noosa.

Passionately curious, modestly confident and positively deviant, Michael is a modern day Flying Dutchman, most comfortable exploring and navigating unchartered territory.

An internationally accomplished CFO at Cognos, the world leader of Enterprise Software solutions in Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence, Michael takes no prisoners in obliterating the status quo to reinvent the world and make it better for our children.

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